Press Operator Dashboard
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Press Operator Dashboard

Wireframes, Information Architecture, Design and Prototype

Print production requires a more efficient user experience for press operators to send print ready files to press.

Current Print-On-Demand Dashboard
Current Print-On-Demand Dashboard

The Problem

  • Obsolete system for moving files to press.
  • Need to scroll a large difficult to read data-table. 
  • Need to select a value in a dropdown on every table row.
  • If they focus on specific print specifications, they must manually highlight a printed webpage of search results.

"To Do List" Inspired UX

The Design

  • Limited the user interface interactions to essential press operator needs 
  • Print ticket queue groups using select button toggles
  • Option to query print specification in open text search
  • Option to save search queries used frequently
  • Send tickets to press using "to do list" UX approach

Press Operator Dashboard


Created low fidelity wireframe to show three different methods for showing Print Ticket information and specifications. 

  • Option 1: tab UI for information and specifications
  • Option 2: show information and specification side-by-side
  • Option 2: only show information with specifications viewable in a UI overlay.

Information Architecture

Press Operator Dashboard

Application Architecture

Press Operator Dashboard

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